Day One - The Mosaic Hotel

Our trip to Beverly Hills was wonderful! We arrived at Los Angeles Airport around noon on Tuesday, then were shuttled over to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. There was a little snafu regarding a missing membership number, but all was settled with a phone call. The staff at Enterprise was very patient and accommodating and before we knew it, we on our way, driving on the LAX with the top down of our Celestial Blue Metallic, 2009 C70 Volvo. It was so much fun driving that car!

We found our hotel, The Mosaic, nestled on a quiet side street just off Wilshire Blvd. As we pulled up in front, deciding where to park, Ben emerged from the hotel with a friendly smile and British accent, and told us to park anywhere in the hotel garage called The Carriage. After parking the car, we met Ben at a small desk, just inside the front door. No big check-in counter, here. Just Ben and a computer. The Mosaic is what they call a "boutique" hotel. Very small, very intimate and very, very nice. We had a patio room, which means it had it's own outside patio entrance which had a wicker, glass top table and two cushioned chairs. It was absolutely beautiful and such a nice quiet spot to sit and relax. Just a few short steps down to the pool, and few steps further to the garage to the right and the dining room/bar area to the left.

Once we got all settled in, we headed out on foot to find a place to eat. We found The Nosh of Beverly Hills just a few short blocks up on Santa Monica Blvd.
The Nosh serves breakfast and lunch, closing at 4:00. What caught my attention was that avocado was listed as a side! I love avocado and ordered it as a side to my Kosher hot dog with chili. The side of avocado was a full half, sliced, on a bed of lettuce. It was yummy.

As we sat, enjoying our lunch in a window booth, watching people, we noticed a Rite Aid at the next corner. What a wonderful find that was. Not only did we get some sun screen, and munchies for the room, but they had an isle for wine and spirits! We bought some Jose Cuervo margaritas to enjoy on our patio.

After lunch and Rite Aid, we headed back to the hotel to relax and enjoy our first evening in Beverly Hills, sipping margaritas on our patio!

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